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CAPC runs the Maryland Internship Program, as well as the Capitol Hill Internship Program and the Public Policy Internship Program Research Assistant Katherine Donnelly received the John Townshend Fellowship, named for BSOS Dean John Townshend CAPC Awarded Congressman Hoyer with the Millard E. Tydings Award in November 2011 CAPC developed and provides analysis for the Maryland Elections Center and the Electronic Absentee Ballot Delivery System CAPC's Maryland Politics Summit brings together Maryland's public policy leaders at the beginning of each legislative session to discuss the state's major policy issues Check out the latest edition of our newsletter In The Public Interest
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Super PACs not the only groups empowered by the Citizens United decision
With all the talk about the role of Super PACs in the upcoming Presidential election, CAPC’s analysis of campaign finance in the 2010 midterm elections gives timely insight into the newly bolstered role of special interests in campaigns...see more

What candidates think about negative campaigning and personal attacks
CAPC research shows candidates are near unanimous about the inappropriateness of attacking an opponent on the basis of private personal matters or a youthful indiscretion, but are more divided over issues related to their professional lives (a bankruptcy or hiring an illegal immigrant), including issues related to taxes...see more


Comparing ballot lengths around the country The New York Times - February 6, 2013
“There’s two sides to democracy,” [Dr.] Herrnson said. He said that long ballots (and the long lines they frequently cause) are the result of increased opportunity for participatory democracy: more elected offices and more ballot initiatives give the people greater say in government. An analysis of ballot data by [Dr.] Herrnson suggests that states with more traditional political structures, especially in the South and Northeast, tend to have more political appointees and fewer ballot questions — thus shorter ballots.”Read full story

Snappy one-liners help political candidates conquer their opposition The Hill - May 15, 2012
“The independents or swing voters who are not sure what they are going to do and maybe focus on the race in the last two weeks could be very strongly influenced by that one thing they remember that relates to a major issue of concern to them and a major issue that’s on the campaign agenda,” said Paul Herrnson, director of the Center for American Politics and Citizenship at the University of Maryland. Read full story



2012 Maryland Politics Summit
CAPC held its 2nd annual Maryland Politics Summit on January 30, 2012. The state legislative leadership and other major players in state politics and policy were on hand to discuss the major policy issues of 2012...see more

Millard E. Tydings Award
CAPC presented the Millard E. Tydings Award for Courage and Leadership in American Politics to Congressman Steny Hoyer on November 28, 2011. Congressman Hoyer accepted the award in front of a capacity crowd of University of Marlyand students, faculty, staff, and alumni, before leading a town hall discussion on the economy...see more

14th Annual Maryland Day
Every year CAPC's faculty, staff, and researchers participate in the University's Maryland Day celebrations. We showcase our research and outreach programs, tell visitors about what CAPC is about, and register current and potential students to vote in Maryland elections. This year, over 65,000 people visited campus for Maryland Day.


Director Paul Hernnson shares his knowledge on the impact of campaign spending on policy making in the Society of Government Economists Evening Seminar
Herrnson participated in the SGE evening seminar entitled How Political Donations Influence Economic Decisions on March 5th, 2013.

Director Paul Hernnson shares his knowledge on voting technology and ballot design in the Seventh Annual William & Mary Election Law Symposium
Herrnson participated in the Spring 2013 symposium entitled We Have to Fix That: Bipartisan Solutions to Election Day Delays on February 21st, 2013.

Director Paul Herrnson discusses the impact of the Citizens United Case on the roles of interest groups in elections
Herrnson presented at the Conference on the Future of Campaign Financing in America, University of Connecticut Law School, October 19th, 2011.

Director Paul Herrnson publishes two books in 2012
The 6th edition of Congressional Elections: Campaigning at Home and in Washington was released in January of 2012, and an edited volume entitlted Interest Groups Unleashed will be released later this year.

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