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CAPC runs the Maryland Internship Program, as well as the Capitol Hill Internship Program and the Public Policy Internship Program CAPC Faculty participate in public opinion panel with the Washington Post CAPC Awarded Congressman Hoyer with the Millard E. Tydings Award CAPC developed and provides analysis for the Maryland Elections Center and the Electronic Absentee Ballot Delivery System CAPC's Maryland Politics Summit brings together Maryland's public policy leaders at the beginning of each legislative session to discuss the state's major policy issues Check out the latest edition of our newsletter In The Public Interest
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Why Hogan Won and Brown Lost
CAPC Graduate Research Assistant Jared McDonald conducted an in-depth analysis of the 2014 Maryland gubernatorial election and determined that it was not voter turnout that doomed then-Lt. Governor Anthony Brown. Instead it was a lack of Democratic support that directly led to Brown’s defeat...
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Voting decisions through demographic data
The evening of the 2014 midterms offered numerous surprises around the country. However, the results in Maryland were more understandable with viewed in conjunction with the data from the new Washington Post-University of Maryland. The data and video from the panel discussion are posted here....
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Super PACs not the only groups empowered by the Citizens United decision
With all the talk about the role of Super PACs in the upcoming Presidential election, CAPC’s analysis of campaign finance in the 2010 midterm elections gives timely insight into the newly bolstered role of special interests in campaigns...see more

What candidates think about negative campaigning and personal attacks
CAPC research shows candidates are near unanimous about the inappropriateness of attacking an opponent on the basis of private personal matters or a youthful indiscretion, but are more divided over issues related to their professional lives (a bankruptcy or hiring an illegal immigrant), including issues related to taxes...see more


The Midterm Elections: A Brief Dissection The University of Maryland Faculty Voice - December 12, 2014
“A decisive Republican wave swept the 2014 elections....While divided government is not unusual, especially after 1970, this power-sharing arrangement has become a greater obstacle for cooperation and productivity in government due to increased party polarization and partisan gridlock. It is unclear whether the election results were a repudiation of President Obama and Democrats or in favor of the Republican Party platform. ”Read full story

Panel: Reporters and CAPC faculty discuss Washington Post-Maryland poll The Diamondback - October 30, 2014
“This university’s Center for American Politics and Citizenship recently began a partnership with The Washington Post to create in-depth public opinion polls. A crowd of more than 150 students Wednesday watched a panel of Post reporters and CAPC faculty discuss their first poll and the gubernatorial race.”Read full story



Results released from second Washington Post/University of Maryland Poll
The results of the second Washington Post/University of Maryland Poll were announced on February 10th. While the previous poll focused on Maryland’s hotly contested governor’s campaign, this public opinion survey focused more on the economic and social issues that are salient to Marylanders. A public discussion of the poll results will take place February 23rd on the University of Maryland's campus. Please stay tuned for more details. Once again thank you to all of the students who were involved with the first poll and we are excited to discuss the issues affecting Maryland!

CAPC announces partnership with Washington Post
CAPC recently announced the debut of the Washington Post and University of Maryland Poll, a public opinion survey of Maryland citizens. CAPC Assistant Director Stella Rouse and CAPC Research Director Michael Hanmer were involved in the poll’s development and implementation. The poll of the Maryland Governor’s race showed Democratic nominee Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown with a nine point lead over Republican nominee Larry Hogan.

Book Discussion with Al From
CAPC held a book discussion with Al From, CAPC Board Member and the former CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council. Al's book, The New Democrats and the Return to Power, is a memoir and a continued call to action for leaders in the new century....see more

Maryland Day fast approaching - send us your ideas!
Every year CAPC's faculty, staff, and researchers participate in the University's Maryland Day celebrations. We showcase our research and outreach programs, tell visitors about what CAPC is about, and register current and potential students to vote in Maryland elections. Last year, over 65,000 people visited campus for Maryland Day. Now we need your help - CAPC is looking for new and innovatave ideas to help Maryland citizens understand local, state, and national poltics. If you have a good idea for Maryland Day - share it with us:

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