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University of Maryland Absentee Ballot Project

The electronic absentee ballot delivery system, developed by the Center for American Politics and Citizenship (CAPC) and the Maryland State Board of Elections, allows voters to receive their official absentee ballot through any Internet connection at the Maryland Elections Center. This innovative ballot delivery system speeds up the delivery of the ballot, greatly reducing the difficulties of casting a ballot for transient voters, including members of the military, civilians living overseas, and college students.

The system went online in Maryland for the 2010 elections. After the elections, CAPC peformed analyses of the system's effect on voter turnout and behavior among University of Maryland students, members of the military and other citizens living overseas, and the general public. You can read our findings here:

Reports on the electronic absentee ballot delivery system

For more information on the system or if you would like to use it for the 2012 elections, click here.

Voting Technology and Ballot Design

Former CAPC Director Paul Herrnson and Research Director Mike Hanmer have led research projects studying ballot design and voting technology, culminating in several published articles and books.

Click here for a detailed listing of CAPC's archived voting technology research, publications, and presentations.

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