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Research on Voting Technology and Ballot Design

NSF Awards CAPC Grant
"An Assessment of Voting Technology and Ballot Design"
Project Summary (.pdf format)
Full Proposal Text (.pdf format)

Reports and Presentations:

Workshop on the Promise and Performance of Electronic Voting Systems
(April 30, 2007)

Workshop on the Usability and Security of Electronic Voting Systems
(June 2, 2006)

Beyond the Hanging Chad: The Promise and Performance of Electronic Voting
(American Acadamy for the Advancement of Science and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Lecture, Oct 2005) (.pdf format)

Contemporary Voting Machines Report
(Last Updated Feb. 2004) (.pdf format)

SGER: Human Factors Research on Voting Machines and Ballot Design

Presentation to NIST Symposium on Building Trust and Confidence in Voting Systems
(Dec.10-11, 2003)

Presentation to NASED on Designing Interfaces for Voting Machines
(Feb. 4, 2005)

The Promise and Pitfalls of Electronic Voting
(Midwest Political Science Association, April 2005)

The Impact of Voting Systems on Residual Votes, Incomplete Ballots, and Other Measures of Voting Behavior
(Midwest Political Science Association, April 2005)

A Study of Vote Verification Technologies for the Maryland State Board of Elections
(Testimony presented to the Maryland General Assembly, 2006)

Field Test Materials:

Voter Instruction Guide (Office Bloc Ballot)

Voter Instruction Guide (Straight-Party Ballot)

Machine Evaluation Form (Office Bloc Ballot)

Machine Evaluation Form (Straight-Party Ballot)

Demographic Information Form


Other Related Projects

An Evaluation of Maryland's New Voting Machines (Dec. 2, 2002) (.pdf format)

Electronic Voting System Usability Issues

Research on Maryland's New Electronic Voting Machines

(.pdf format)

"Debugging Maryland Balloting,"
Washington Post, May 12, 2002 (op-ed)

Data and Survey Instruments Related to Herrnson et. al. "Early Appraisals of Electronic Voting" in Social Science Computer Review:
Exit Poll Questionnaire (.pdf format)
Exit Poll Data (SPSS data file)
Field Study Questionnaire (.pdf format)
Field Study Data (SPSS data file)