New Voting Options

Maryland voters now have two new ways to cast their ballot.

In order to vote you must be a registered voter. You can check to see if you are registered at the Maryland Elections Center. If you aren't, you can register to vote online with the Maryland State Board of Elections.

Electronic Absentee Ballot Delivery System

The electronic absentee ballot delivery system allows voters to receive their official absentee ballot online at the Maryland Elections Center. Developed by the University of Maryland's Center for American Politics and Citizenship (CAPC) and the Maryland State Board of Elections, this innovative ballot delivery system speeds up the delivery of the ballot, greatly reducing the difficulties of casting a ballot for some voters, as your ballot will be available to you at any location with internet access.

Military voters, spouses or dependents of military voters, and voters who live outside the United States can receive their ballot from the online absentee ballot delivery system by completing the Absentee Ballot Request Form. Simply fill out the form, select the option to have your ballot posted to a secure website, sign it, and return it to your local board of elections by mail, email, or fax. You will receive an email from the State Board of Elections once your ballot is ready to be downloaded. Additional instructions will be provided when you log in to download your ballot.

In-Person Early Voting

Beginning with the 2010 elections, Maryland voters are allowed to vote at an early voting center in the county where they live before Election Day. Each county has designated at least one location where voters can cast their ballot up to 11 days prior to the election.

The State Board of Elections' early voting webpage provides further information on this new voting option, including locations and pictures of early voting centers.