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Internship Programs

Our three internship programs help University of Maryland students gain real-world experience in government and politics, coupled with classroom training. Participants in the Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP), Maryland Internship Program (MIP), and Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) intern in the federal and Maryland state governments for a semester, earning course credit and invaluable experience.

Students in each program perform a semester-long internship, working 18-20 hours each week for a government office or related nongovernmental organization. All three programs are competitive, and participants in each earn course credit by attending weekly seminars and completing various assignments, aside from their internship duties.

Alumni of CHIP, MIP, and PPIP take with them invaluable experiences, skills, and networking that will help them find, and succeed in, careers in government, politics, or any other field. Alumni of all three programs have gone on to careers in various areas of government.

Maryland Internship Program (MIP) allows students to integrate what they learn in the classroom with real world experience in the political process. Possible internship placements include the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, members of the General Assembly, state and local government agencies, and courts. In addition to course credit, participants in MIP also earn a stipend.

Click here to download and complete the application for the MIP Spring 2015 Semester.

Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP) combines a weekly seminar and regular classroom assignments with the opportunity to participate in the workings of Congress. Undergraduate students intern for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate. Students who have taken the class state that the time and energy they spent on Capitol Hill was well worth the effort. Many students return to Capitol Hill after graduating to work for a member of Congress.

Click here to download and complete the application for the CHIP Spring 2015 Semester.

Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) is designed to integrate experiential learning in state and local governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and private political groups, with a theoretical understanding of the public policy process. PPIP is a competitive program that allows students with interests outside of the other two programs to gain experience and course credit.

Click here to download and complete the application for the PPIP Spring 2015 Semester.

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